My writing has appeared online and in print at The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, n+1, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily BeastThe Times Literary Supplement (I also joined in on their podcast), The BafflerThe Wall Street Journal, Slate, The Columbia Journalism ReviewNPRBookforumArtforum.comThe New Inquiry, The Believer, and other places. (Some pieces aren't available online, including a number of recent ones for the TLS, but I'm happy to provide clips if you email me.)  A few selected hits: 

From The New Republic:

"What Did Al Jazeera Do?" June 20, 2017

"The Third Reich Was Addicted to Drugs," March 6, 2017

From the TLS:

 "Mash of Civilizations," on Mathias Enard's Compass, from the May 18, 2017 issue

"Life Went On," on Mohsin Hamid, Jason Donald and Viet Thanh Nyugen, from the March 2, 2017 issue

"Little High, Little Low," on Tana Janowitz and  Nicolaia Rips's New York memoirs, from the Oct. 19, 2016 issue

And in n+1, a paean to the Westminster Dog Show